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The Benefits of Working With Us

  1. Collect automatic recurring subscriptions where your followers are automatically charged every 30 days.
  2. We were the first company to bring you the Premium Snap account, and we know more than anyone how to best monetize your following.
  3. You keep 80% of your profits and will receive 10-20% of all the earnings of other models you bring to Allure Snaps.
  4. Have the option of having your account managed entirely for you, so that all that you have to do is post to your account and collect a check!
  5. Substantially grow your subscription base by offering a 2-Day Trial subscription with no extra work on your part!
  6. Have access to our numerous public Snap accounts for promotion as well as several large Instagram accounts.
  7. With a custom URL driving traffic to your profile, you no longer have to deal with haggling customers on an individual basis.
  8. Collect an extra $100-300 a week for taking over the Allure Premium Takeovers account!



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